Empowered Cash Management

Understanding your cash is the first step to feeling confident and empowered when managing your finances.
April 17, 2024
5:00 PM
1.5 Hours

Empowered Cash Management

Starting with a visualization exercise to help participants tune into their inner wisdom — the leader that is deep-rooted in themselves, this interactive and experiential workshop walks you through the steps of creating a personalized practice that helps you manage your money with confidence and empowerment.

From this workshop, participants will gain:

  • An empowered perspective that helps participants build a stronger relationship with their finances
  • An Excel spreadsheet that brings structure to their cash management
  • A personalized practice to help them manage their money from a empowered place

About the Facilitator — Debbie Chen, The Holistic CFO™

Debbie is an International Coaching Federation-certified coach, a Chartered Professional Accountant, and a Reiki Master Teacher. Debbie is dedicated to empowering women, especially BIPOC women, by transforming their approach to financial conversations and reframing their beliefs about money. Drawing different modalities, including accounting, cultural trauma and energy healing, Debbie believes financial decisions are best made at the intersection of the feminine and masculine energies: Intuition and financial knowledge.

Debbie’s expertise lies in helping women draw wisdom through their inner compass, develop an empowered money mindset while overcoming feelings of unworthiness they may hold towards money, and breaking through cultural limitations. She believes that abundance comes to us when we are living purpose-driven lives and taking value-based actions with courage, love and compassion.

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