Your Hour, Her Power International Women’s Day

Join Dress for Success Toronto and celebrate International Women's Day this year with our signature campaign, Your Hour, Her Power.
March 8, 2023

Inspired by the belief that when a woman has access to opportunities that can change her life, she becomes powerful beyond measure, we are calling on our community to come together, and make a donation in support of the women we serve.

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By giving the equivalent of just one hour of your pay, you give a Dress for Success Toronto Client access to programs, services, and tools that will help her achieve economic advancement, at no cost. Your support makes this possible.

What’s more, we thrilled to announce a special addition to this year’s fundraising efforts — we will be auctioning off a selection of blazers from Lisa LaFlamme’s personal collection in honour of International Women’s Day and the empowering event we hosted with her last month! These stunning jackets have been worn by Lisa herself during her time as a news anchor, including her coverage of prestigious events like Royal Weddings and the Olympic Games.

For those of you who attended our January 19 event An Evening With Lisa LaFlamme, Presented by RBC Wealth Management, you will recognize the 6 iconic pieces we had on display — and you now have the opportunity to own one for yourself. Click here to learn more.

In the words of Lisa LaFlamme, “We are stronger and better together.”

Thanks to our community of corporate partners, we also have a number of fantastic initiatives happening this month. From Client programs and volunteer opportunities to shop-for-a-cause initiatives and clothing drives, there are many ways to get involved.

The funds raised from these initiatives directly support the mission of DFS Toronto, powering the crucial programs and services that support our Clients. Through these programs, Clients get a fresh start and the ability to change the trajectory of their future.

An investment in DFS Toronto is not just an investment in someone’s future; it impacts the lives of their children, their families, and our community as a whole. Please consider making a donation to continue empowering the women of DFS Toronto.

Together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive and empowered community.

Dress for Success Toronto | Sponsors & Partners

Dress for Success Worldwide is grateful to the many corporate partners who have helped our organization serve more than 775,000 women globally. These relationships provide critical financial support, enabling us to enhance the continuum of services and programs we offer to our clients. Dress for Success welcomes sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships that reward everyone involved – our sponsors, the organization and most importantly, the women we serve.

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At Dress for Success Toronto, we are so thankful to have such wonderful individuals who dedicate their time and energy to support our mission and the women we serve — we couldn’t do the work we do without them.⁠

As we look to grow our service delivery in 2023, we are actively seeking new volunteers to join our incredible team. If you resonate with our mission, values, and are interested in volunteering, please submit an application to join our volunteer team!