Clothing Donations

Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.

Donating Clothing & Accessories


July 2023 UpdateDue to the overwhelming support from our community, clothing donation drop-offs are temporarily suspended. We appreciate your patience as we work through the backlog of items and focus on serving our Clients.

We appreciate your understanding during this time and will notify our community when we re-open our donation intake. In the meantime, we kindly ask that you please DO NOT leave any donations at our Boutique door.

Call for Donations

We are not currently accepting any clothing or accessory donations.

When we resume our donation intake, we will share our items of greatest need here.

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About Our Donation Program

Our Suiting & Styling Program wouldn’t be possible without the generous clothing, shoe, and accessory donations that fill our Boutique for our Clients. Thanks to the generosity from our community of donors and corporate partners, we have an abundance of fashionable finds to give to the women we serve.

As space is limited, we now accept donations on an as-needed basis.

Please note: Donations will not be accepted during Boutique Suiting Appointment hours. A Suiting Appointment is a unique and personal experience for our Clients. Each woman is paired with a volunteer stylist for a one-on-one consultation, this is a moment where the full focus is on her and helping her shine. Our clothing donation dates and times have been selected around boutique operations so donation in-take does not disrupt our Clients’ Suiting experience.

If you have any questions, please contact

Donation Guidelines

Business professional attire is the type of clothing that our Clients are in need of. Your fabulous workwear and accessories, suits, and other professional apparel could furnish another woman with the confidence to enter or return to the workplace, make a great first impression and land a job that could change her life.

As many of our Clients go directly to an interview from their appointments, please ensure that all donated items are clean, in excellent condition, freshly dry-cleaned or laundered and ironed, and not more than 5 years old.

Criteria for Acceptable Donations

  • Clean, ready-to-wear clothing and accessories of all sizes
  • Items that are new or gently-used in quality
  • Modern styles or classic pieces that never go out of style (i.e. Clothing that can be worn to office or business settings)
  • Business professional accessories, including footwear, purses / handbags, jewelry and belts
  • Seasonal attire (i.e. winter coats and accessories)

Items Not Accepted

  • Dirty / damaged items or items in need of repair
  • Casual clothing and loungewear
  • Small appliances, household goods or bedding
  • Used undergarments, hosiery or swimwear
  • Opened or used toiletry or cosmetic products
  • Menswear clothing and accessories

Donating Your Items — Where to Drop-Off

Find a DFS Toronto donation drop-off location that works for you! 

Donation Drop-Off Locations

Gibson’s Cleaners
No Appointment Required
You can bring the items you wish to donate to our Donations Partner: Gibson’s Cleaners, a local dry cleaner who accepts donations on our behalf. They have two locations in Toronto 4241 Dundas Street West and 258 Beresford Avenue, both will collect the items and deliver them to our Boutique.

Dress for Success Toronto Boutique
5150 Yonge Street — By Appointment Only
To drop-off directly at our Boutique, please click here to schedule an appointment. Drop-offs and deliveries must be scheduled in advance to ensure we have the resources available to assist.

If you have any questions, please email at 

Clothing Drives

Clothing Drives can be a great team building event, or a fun activity to do with friends. Most importantly, it is a way to support women in your community and to help them take a crucial first step towards a better future. Why not plan a clothing drive with your company, friends, school, community group or association?
For Clothing Drives, we focus on item-specific collections, rather than an open-call for donations. This not only helps us manage our inventory, but ensures our Boutique is always stocked with the items our Clients need most. You can choose to do a single-item drive, or a multi-item drive. For both of these options, we would provide a list of items for which we are in need for you to choose from.

Single Item Clothing Drives - $500 Monetary Donation Required

These drives focus on the collection of 1 specific item category.

The most successful examples of these drives have been a Purse Drive, Shoe Drive or Coat Drive. These categories are items we are frequently in need of and also allow for some flexibility in terms of the actual items collected (i.e. a Shoe Drive can include flats, heels, boots, seasonal footwear, and a Purse Drive can include purses, briefcases, wallets, professional backpacks and even small suitcases).

Multi Item Clothing Drives - $1,000 Monetary Donation Required

These drives focus on the collection of 2-10 specific items.

This type of drive is most similar to our previous structure, however we now curate the ask to focus on the items of greatest need. This is a great option for large groups or organizations who want to collect more than 1 type of item. The most successful examples of these drives have been a 5-item donation collection (i.e. coats, purses, shoes, dresses, tops), over the course of 1-2 weeks.

We couldn’t do the work we do without your generous support. The monetary donation component ensures that we have the resources to receive, sort, process, store, and distribute the clothing to our Clients and that they can access this service for free. It also funds our Career Learning programs and Professional Women’s Group that further our ability to provide a network of support and the development tools that empower women to thrive in work and in life.

The first step to a successful Clothing Drive is registration. This lets our team know you’re interested in hosting a drive and ensures we can support you through the process. To get started, please connect with our Donor Coordinator.

Important Details to Note

Donation Receipts

Dress for Success Toronto is unable to provide receipts for clothing items donated to our Boutique. For monetary donations, we can issue tax receipts in accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency’s regulations and organizational policies and procedures.

If you are a clothing or apparel brand looking to donate new products,

Donation Pick-ups

Due to limited resources, we are unable to pick-up donations.

Still Have Questions?

For more information about Clothing Drives please e-mail

Donation terms: Donated garments that are workplace appropriate will be used in our Boutique and provided to our Clients at no cost. Items that are deemed unsuitable for the Boutique might be sold through our clothing fundraisers to help individuals in need access quality clothing while raising funds for our charitable initiatives. If unsold, they will be redistributed through other community programs.

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